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Credit Suisse is a leading global financial services company, offering clients financial advice in all aspects of investment banking, private banking and asset management. Founded in 1856 with read more
  • About

    Credit Suisse is a leading global financial services company, offering clients financial advice in all aspects of investment banking, private banking and asset management. Founded in 1856 with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, Credit Suisse has a global reach with operations in over 50 countries, employing over 45,000 individuals from 150 different nations.
    Its strategy builds on three core strengths: its position as a top global wealth manager; its specialist investment banking capabilities; and its strong presence in its home market Switzerland. It is taking a balanced approach in order to capture the wealth management opportunities in emerging markets, the biggest of which is in the Asia Pacific region, whilst serving our key developed markets with an emphasis on Switzerland and the United States.
    Our RTP site opened in May 2005 providing technology engineering, development & support; financial & product accounting; operations processing; and other investment banking services for internal departments and external clients.

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    • Emmanuel Aidoo
      Investment Banking Technolgy
    • Joseph Alexander
      Solutions Architect
    • Bek Amatov
    • Bruce Anderson
      Vice President
    • Rebecca Andrews
    • Goldie Arora
    • Selin Benli
      Solution Architect - Cybersecurity Engineering
    • Franklin Binns
    • Vishal Bondre
      Investment Banking
    • Edwin Broersma
      Product Management
    • Casey Brucken
    • Breanne Butterfield
    • Justin Capone
    • Purwai Chaubey
    • Dhara Chauhan
      Prod Service Finance
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    • Vijay Devadiga
      IT Director
    • Tracy Devault
    • Michael Doyle
      GM Tech Client & Content Support
    • Bill Eagan
    • Jessica Eure
      Information Technology Chief of Staff RAL, MLTS 5
    • Martin Feher
      RF Productions Services
    • Tiajuana Gilmore
    • Dharmesh Gnanasivam
    • Rahul Goswami
    • Yvonne Gould
      Group CTO
    • Tracy Hall
      Assistant Vice President, Service Excellence
    • Betsi Harris
      Global Director, Service Excellence
    • Jennifer Hewit
      Global Service Desk
    • Bryan Hough
    • Martha Hoylman
      Credit Loans Vice President
    • Ryan Huebler
      IT Vice President
    • Amy Hurry
      Branding & HRIT US
    • Vikram Isakana
      Assistant Vice President
    • Santhosh Jagadish
      Data Scientist, Service Excellence
    • Rahul Jain
    • David Johnsen
    • Jeff Jones
      Vice President
    • Jennifer Jung
    • Hitesh Kadakia
      Trade Mgmt.
    • Miranda Kalbach
      Platform Integration
    • Chandrakant Kale
    • Neda Kazemi
    • Craig Key
    • Alison Kiing
      DCF Services Raleigh
    • Brittany King
      Technology Services MDS Support
    • Phil King
      IT Director
    • Pradeep Koirala
    • Steven Korab
    • Kiran Kotte
      IT AVP
    • Deepa Kulkarni
    • Joy Layloa
    • Tad Lemery
      Group CTO
    • Lenny Leonard
    • Ro Lissenden
    • Lynn Little
      IT Director
    • Tim Luft
    • Chris Macon
    • Mahesh Malisetty
    • Vaughn Martin
    • Daniel Mezengia
    • Bill Michie
      Portfolio / Program / Project / Process Manager
    • Agata Mirowska
    • Avisek Mishra
    • Tonya Mitchell-George
    • Jessica Moore
      Assistant Vice President, Service Excellence
    • Leo Moran
    • Gandhi Raj MP
    • Allen Ngongo
    • Candace Offield
      Director, Group Operations Solutions Delivery
    • Ruxandra Palmtag
    • Mercedes Papke
    • Hetu Patel
      AVP Data Analyst
    • Kelsie Patrick
    • Ajay Patwari
      GM Credit Risk IT
    • Amy Powell
    • Emir Putra
    • Nikul Raval
    • Dan Reed
    • James Reid
    • Elizabeth Robinson
      Multimedia Product Manager
    • Ali Rodrigues
    • Mike Rooney
    • Varun Sahni
      Client Cov. & Client Data Svces.
    • Bijal Shah
      Tech Arch.
    • Farha Shah
      Reporting & Analysis
    • Shameel Shaikh
    • Devaraj Shiv
      Unix Systems Analyst
    • Brijesh Solanki
      Managing Director
    • Tristan Springmeyer
    • Eric Stabasefsk
    • Sue Steinmetz
    • John Stone
    • Michael Swanner
    • Naomi Takei
    • Sunil Tambe
    • Sunil Tambe
    • Casey Tart
      VP Information Technology | GSD Transformation
    • Subramani Thangavel
    • Abhishek Thorat
    • Abhishek Thorat
    • Hayli Thornhill
      Experienced Talent Acquisition
    • Shelley Turnage
      GM Tech Client & Content Support
    • Diane Wade
    • Vishal Wadhwa
      Vice President
    • Jeffrey Yahn
      AVP - Tech Internal Audit